Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spencer boys car wash

Ok, here is a little pg-13 video of my boys washing the car...apparently they really get into the whole car wash dancing. Don't know where they learned the moves, but I couldn't stop laughing. Too funny.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Dilly Story

Here is the second story I got from Dilly today. Similar to the 1st one...but unique to today. I can't wait to see what tomorrow's will bring. Only 1 thing ever remains consistent in them, there is always an appearance by "grandpa" in the story. I love 3 year olds. :)

A Dilly story

Ok, so I know it's been over a year since I posted...being sick with this 3rd boy will do that to you, but we are 3 weeks away from D-Day! Anyway, Dillon is really into telling stories, and here is one I videod today. Oh, and the black eye happened yesterday after jumping off the bunk bed. A little dermabond to hold his brain in and we are good to go. He thinks his eye looks so cool.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A very Dilly Day

Today has been…well, a very Dilly day. Now I realize I don't update my blog very often, but after reading how this day might understand why :) I didn’t realize the amount of activity, or should a say “mischief” of this day until I started reflecting on it as I was driving home from the gym after teaching a class. Let’s start from the beginning:

1) 1) I go down stairs to a happy shining Alex and Dillon on the couch drinking chocolate milk. After smiles and hugs, I look in the kitchen to see that a full cereal box has been dumped on the floor. I look at the boys and Dilly immediately points to Alex and says “alee did it” which makes me know for absolute certain that is was Dillon.

2) 2) After getting the house cleaned, and preparing to leave for the gym to teach a morning class, Dillon throws up that yummy chocolate milk on the carpet because he coughed too hard.

3) After the gym we head to the grocery store. I let the boys our of the cart for 5 seconds when Dillon sticky hands grabs a rollos and heath candy bar and has them both open in record time. We added those items to our grocery list

4) Now we are home. Dillon runs in the house, grabs a small size ball and a soccer ball, takes them to the bathroom and shoves them down the toilet. After I get them out he picks up the “wet balls” and says “ooh, wet,” throws one of them at Alex and starts wiping his hands on me. GROSE.

5) It’s nap time! Nope, Dillon wakes himself up in 20 min. after coughing too hard. After feeling in his diaper if he pooped, he finds out that he did and runs over to show me he did! Now it’s on his finger which is waving in front of my face and dropping on my pillow.

6) We go downstairs. Somehow he finds that dang soccer ball, kicks it at the wall, knocks off one of my large family pictures which now shatters glass all over the floor. He looks at me and yells “no, no, no mommy!” as if to take the words right out of my mouth.

7) Dilly now decides its snack time. He climbs up the pantry shelves to get to the chips knocking the chocolate milk to the floor which goes everywhere. Another mess.

8) Now Alex is up and we are working on a project in the kitchen in which Dillon decides to get in all the stickers and apply at least 25 stickers all over the course of his body (including his eyes) we did have fun taking those off J

9) Me and Alex are making dinner when I smell smoke and look over to see that Dillon has pulled a chair over to the microwave, put Sams keys, cell phone, wallet, a nickel and penny inside and started the thing on high. As I was running over to turn it off Dillon says “ooh, pretty mom!”

10) I leave for class. Sam is now on Dilly duty. He is showering after his run and gets out of the shower to find Dillon has taken his pants and diaper off, found the nail clippers and was bringing them over towards his…tenders if you will, ready to pinch them.

11) As I come inside after having finished teaching class, I see Sam on the floor cleaning up a chocolate milk spill, done by none other than…Dilly J

12) 8:45 He finally sleeps. All is calm.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Dilly!!!

Happy Birthday Dillon! So the pictures are out of order and I can't figure out how to switch them, so enjoy them backwards :)

Today Dillon turns 2! I made him a basketball and soccer birthday cake that went over VERY well since he LOVES balls. For his birthday we got him a few presents, the favorite being a soccer ball that he literally would not put down for 4 hours straight. It went with us inside chick-fil-a (yes, that was the dinner of choice...I mean the toy set to play on of choice) and inside many stores. It did not get put down until he opened his Nana and grandpa's presents a few hours later, in which it was replaced by the airplane shirt and semi-truck and trailer. Can you tell he is ALL boy? We love you Dilly!!! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

And so it was decided...I was ordered to make official superbowl food and wow did we have 3 HAPPY BOYS! It was a hit. The smiles lasted until atleast I went upstairs to watch something else...a whole 2 minutes into the game :) The boys sure had fun!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


First things first...a New York Hot dog!

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving...Sam's mom and dad flew in from California, we ate the bird, then ditched them to go to New York and play!!! They were so wonderful to babysit while Sam and I had our first vacation without kids! What a blast!!! We stayed with Ryan and Katrina who live literally in the best New York location you could pick! We were just blocks from everything that matters :) ie; time square, central park, broadway, rockafeller center etc. It was the best vacation ever!!!!

We spent lots of time in Central park!!! It's the first colored leaves we've seen in a while!

Girl's getting ready for 2010!!! We loved bartering prices on Canal street and Little Italy

Yes, that's right, we saw Catherine-Zeta-Jones...Sam even jumped on her car!!! :)

Among the favorties that we ate was New York Pizza!!!! We ate the best food...I'm now on a raw spinach diet to detox the body, but while we vacationed, we filled our bellies well with Garlic knots, lamb gyros, pizza, hot chocolate, H &H bagels, and hot dogs...times that by multiple servings per day and you have our entire menu! Yum, sooo good.

Just a couple of wanna-be- New Yorkers, kickin it...we would have blended in but we took pictures every 10 steps! So much to see!

A nice run through central park!..ok so it was a run/walk because we stopped for so many photos!

Among the many things we did, we went to a taping of "Live with Regis and Kelly"...sam was not so excited at first, but in the end really enjoyed it...especially because at the very end of the taping when they are saying good-bye, Regis and Kelly are standing in the audience right by it's basically Regis, Kelly and Sam :) It was Nov. 30, so if you watched might remember him!

Our first broadway show we went to was Shrek...we had 2nd row seats and i got them FREE! A guy outside the show just gave them to me because 2 of his friends didn't show! That was just the beginning of my great luck! I also saw "In The Heights" on the first row for $26 because I won the lottery :) 2 shows for $ that's Spencer style cheap! After we went and enjoyed some nice New York Cheese Cake!

So the rest of our vacation memories are not on our camera because our fully charged battery died by the end of day two because we took so many pictures. We had so much fun. Thank you Ryan and Katrina for the best VIP New York treatment you can get! Literally we saw EVERYTHING new york has to offer...we walked farther than the pilgrims, but we did not waste one spare minute! What a blast. Can't wait to do another trip with out kids in...what...another 6 years? :) We'll see.